My Pantry

Welcome to MyPantry!

Have you ever stopped by the store just to get a few things, only to realize you can’t remember if you still have milk in the fridge at home? Our product can help! My Pantry keeps track of all the items currently in your pantry, so you don’t have to strain to remember if you used the last stick of butter cooking dinner last night.

My Pantry makes it simple by creating a digital “pantry” to store your items. Just type in the item and add it to your list. You can keep track of multiple items of the same kind, expiration dates, and descriptions of the food items you have bought. This makes checking your pantry on-the-go a fast and easy process. You can even enter new items to My Pantry as you grab them off the shelf.

You’ll never have to throw away food items that you forgot about. With all your expiration dates in one place, you will be able to manage which foods you need to use first and prioritize your meals. My Pantry saves you the stress and cost of lost food!

Sign up today, and make your pantry efficient!